Full fledged admin interface without touching your app code


Starting at $0/mo

Full fledged admin interface without touching your app code

Setup your backend in a minute

No need to install any plugin or library into your app, no need for a specific version of any framework or language. Just connect your PostgreSQL or MySQL database to Adminium and get access to a fully featured administration interface.
Try it on the sandbox account.
More info can be found on our homepage.

Fully featured administration interface

Adminium includes all the bells and whistles you would expect from a serious backend ; filters and search, fields configuration, table relationships navigation, enum values, CSV export, validations, bulk destroy, bulk edit,

Open your backend to clients

With the enterprise plan you can have multiple users who login through their Google accounts. You can define various roles with their associated permissions and assign them to your users.

Plans & Pricing

    • Users 1
    • Tables 5
    • Users 1
    • Tables Unlimited
    • Users Unlimited
    • Tables Unlimited

To provision copy above snippet to clipboard copy above snippet into CLI or Login to provision on Elements.