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Become a SQL Superhero Starting at $0/mo.

Become a SQL Superhero

Connect Beekeeper to your database to unlock the power of SQL for BI and analytics.

No stupid drag and drop interfaces or silly GUIs to learn, Beekeeper lets you write SQL to analyze your data, discover trends, share important queries with colleagues, build visualizations for business users, or craft reports for customer support.

With Beekeeper you’ll feel like you have analytics superpowers.


Beekeeper lets you use SQL to create reports for business teams like customer support, finance, and management. Simply add {{parameters}} to your SQL queries, and Beekeeper will automatically build a UI to let business users run this query on their own, without knowing any SQL.

Some cool features of reports:

  • Business users can get data without bugging you (or other developers)
  • Business users can share report results with their teammates without re-running the query
  • Reports are easy to create using SQL and {{parametersWithTypes: Date}}
SQL Query Repository

Keep all of your useful SQL queries in a central repository shared with your team. Now if you need to run an important query, you’ll know where to find it. Plus Beekeeper keeps a cache of previous query results, so you can compare and contrast data over time.

From the query repository you can export your queries to dashboards, reports, or emailed-reports, so their value grows over time.

Data Dashboards

Dashboards let you visualize data with charts, tables, and figures. They’re great for creating ‘glance-able’ views of key business information that you want to track over time, like sales figures, web visitors, etc. Like everything in Beekeeper, SQL is your superpower - each chart is simply a SQL query.

  • Share dashboards with team members and let them see how the business is performing
  • Loads of gorgeous charts and visualizations for you to choose from
Super Charged Mail-Merge, With Data

Emailed Reporting is a 21st century mail merge, without Clippy. Send visual data reports by email to hundreds or thousands of people at a time, and they each get their own personalized version.

  • Build charts with SQL
  • Add {{parameters}} to the SQL to personalize each chart per-recipient
  • Pick a list of recipients to send the report to, each recipient provides it’s own parameter values
  • Set a schedule, or send on-demand
  • Track delivery and open rates on our dashboard
  • Reporting easily scales to tens of thousands of unique emails a day.

Region Availability

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  • Private Spaces
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Plans & Pricing

    • SQL Workbench For Running Queries (feat autocomplete, table previews, and sharing)
    • Visualization Dashboards (for viewing high level metrics)
    • Data Reports (to give business users self-serve access to data)
    • Emailed Reports (for distributing charts and visualizations via email)
    • Business User Accounts
    • Developer Accounts

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