Simple Video Recording, Uploading & Streaming


Starting at $0/mo

Simple Video Recording, Uploading & Streaming

HD Video Recording

Record videos up to 720p

Mobile Friendly

CameraTag will allow users to record from most major mobile devices including iOS 6.0+ and Android 2.2+

Integrate In Minutes

Start recording videos in no time with our 2-lines-of-code integration

Bring Your Own Bucket

Our S3 integration gives you the option to have all recordings saved to your own S3 bucket.

We Host It

Each CameraTag account comes with free hosting and streaming of recorded videos

HTML Interface

Our HTML interface makes it dead-easy to stylize and customize your cameras.

Unlimited Streaming

As long as you maintain a paid account (of any level) we will stream your entire library of video for free. All you pay for are new minutes of video added to your library.

Plans & Pricing

    • Published Minutes of Video / Month
    • HD Video Recording
    • 99.99% Uptime SLA
    • Fully Customizable Interface
    • VGA Recording
    • QVGA Recording
    • Mobile Recording / Uploading
    • Unlimited Streaming Playback

To provision copy above snippet to clipboard copy above snippet into CLI or Login to provision on Elements.