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a lightning fast realtime data-store Starting at $0/mo.

Connects everything

deepstreamHub is used by traders to receive thousands of prices per second, ticket merchants to sell out venues in minutes, IoT vendors to store and process ten thousands of sensor inputs, taxi-dispatchers to track fleets of cars moving through a city or admins to orchestrate stateful microservice clusters.

Realtime DataStore

At the heart of deepstreamHub lies a powerful data-sync engine: schemaless JSON documents called “records” can be manipulated and observed by backend-processes or clients. Changes are persisted and synced across all connected devices in milliseconds. Records are granular objects with individual lifecycles that can be organized in collections and arranged into complex, relational data-structures.

Publish / Subscribe

deepstreamHub’s “events” provide an efficient way for many-to-many communication. Clients and backend processes can subscribe to topics and publish ephemeral messages carrying various types of data.

Request / Response

RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) allow you to combine classic request-response workflows with deepstreamHub’s realtime concepts. Processes can register as providers and issue requests. The platform will smartly route and handle load-balancing, fail-over and data-transport.

Scalability & Performance

Deepstream scales horizontally via clustering. Benchmarks show that a cluster of six nodes on low spec AWS EC2 t2.medium machines is sufficient to reliably handle four billion messages per hour. Deepstream enterprise additionally introduces gateways and orchestrator to add additional layers of indirection and load distribution.


Our HTTP API allows any device and programming language to interact with any deepstreamHub record, event or rpc via a simple HTTP request. Even better: each HTTP API call can contain hundreds of operations, making batch interactions a breeze - and thanks to our brand new token auth users can easily maintain sessions across multiple requests.


Deepstream offers a powerful permission language that allows to granularly specify acceptable actions, resources and data formats for users and groups as well as enforce semantic and business rules.


Deepstream comes with multiple authentication strategies and allows for integration with Single Sign On providers, token standards or HTTP endpoints.


All connections to the server can be encrypted via public/private key encryption using Transport Layer Security or WSS.


Deepstream offers integration points and plugins for databases, caches, messaging systems and authentication providers and can be extended to match complex architectural requirements. It can be used in conjunction with all established load balancers, firewalls or NATS.

Realtime Search

Live queries let you execute searches against dynamic realtime collections. The result-set stays open and new matches will be streamed to the client as entries match and unmatch the search criteria.

No Vendor Lock-In

We’ve created, a scalable and lightning fast open source realtime server. With numerous large scale enterprise users, an active community and a rich ecosystem of connectors and integrations it’s always there for you if you prefer to do things on your own.

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Install deepstreamHub
heroku addons:create deepstreamhub

To provision, copy the snippet into your CLI or use the install button above.

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