Fully managed Couchbase NoSQL Server as a Service.


Starting at $0/mo

Fully managed Couchbase NoSQL Server as a Service.

Up and Running Instantly

From zero to production in seconds!

Fully Managed

Fully managed, hassle free Couchbase database in the cloud. Let us take care of maintenance and management so you can focus on building your app.

High Performance

Take advantage of Couchbase’s high performance caching layer to supercharge app performance.

Elastic Scaling

Start small and grow big fast.

Clustered for Reliability

Select a clustered plan for increased reliability and performance.


Web standard interface makes it trivial to develop and deploy on multiple platforms without the need to recode, a requirement in the fast moving mobile application arena. Removing the need for a client SDK reduces time and complexity.

Mobile Ready

Scalable deployment of the Couchbase Sync Gateway works hand in hand with Couchbase Lite on the device. Content stored on the device is easily and seamlessly synced to the KuroBase infrastructure, taking advantage of all the benefits of our solution.

Managed Backup

Backup your data with our managed backup service, no need for you to setup external accounts.

Plans & Pricing

    • Disk Storage 100 MB
    • Memory 1 GB
    • Backup
    • Replication
    • # of Nodes 1
    • Clustered
    • Dedicated RAM
    • Community Support check
    • Email Support
    • 24/7 Monitoring check

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