by agriffis

GitHub Readme.md

Heroku buildpack: Multii

I thought, "It would be neat to have a... composable!... buildpack for Heroku." So I built this. I called my creation heroku-buildpack-multi.

Shortly thereafter I found ddollar/heroku-buildpack-multi which is named the same, calls itself composable, and uses the same approach in bin/compile. It's seen real-world use, it has a community, and it was here first.

So I renamed this one heroku-buildpack-multii, borrowed some ideas and barged ahead.

What's different?

Frankly not much is different. I thought there would be more, but as I learned how the directories (build, cache, env) are set up, this has gradually converged with the original heroku-buildpack-multi.

Here are the remaining primary differences:

  • Each buildpack gets its own CACHE_DIR.
  • Error messages from git etc. are displayed rather than stifled.
  • Doesn't work with tarballs yet, only git repos.