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Heroku buildpack: Poppler (deprecated)

This Heroku buildpack provides Poppler.

It should be used with heroku-buildpack-multi.


This buildpack only works with the also legacy Cedar Stack. It is not compatible with Cedar-14.

For Cedar-14, use https://github.com/ddollar/heroku-buildpack-apt. Set up a Aptfile which lists the poppler-utils package.

Current version

  • Fontconfig 2.10.2
  • Poppler 0.22.0

How to compile Poppler by yourself?

To run a custom binary on Heroku, you need to compile it on their servers. Set up a vulcan build server with this pull request applied.

After this, you can run the rake tasks defined in the right order.

bundle execute rake -T

Upload the files to Amazon S3 and reference your bucket and the new version in /bin/compile


This buildpack is maintained and funded by [BauCloud][]. Thank you to all the contributors. [BauCloud]: http://www.baucloud.com