by benmj87


Heroku .NET Core Buildpack


A basic .NET Core Buildpack that serves up a .NET Core application from behind a lightweight Go HTTP proxy.

It relies on there being a Startup.cs file alongside a {PROJECT}.csproj file to compile and will only search 5 directories deep. An example folder structure:

- Project.Website
  - Controllers
  - Properties
  - Views
  - wwwroot
  - appsettings.json
  - bower.json
  - bundleconfig.json
  - Program.cs
  - Project.Website.csproj
  - Startup.cs
- Project.Framework
  - Data
  - Business
  - Services

N.B. The csproj file for the Website must be named the same as it's parent folder, e.g. A folder of Project.Website with a csproj file of would fail.


For Heroku-16 stack use:

heroku buildpacks:set