by buitron


Heroku buildpack: geckodriver

This buildpack installs geckodriver (the Selenium driver for Firefox) in a Heroku slug.

This buildpack only installs the geckodriver binary. To use Selenium with Firefox on Heroku, you'll also need Firefox. This is the suggested buildpack:


Example usage:

$ heroku create [appname] --buildpack

# or if your app is already created:
$ heroku buildpacks:add

$ git push heroku master

Configuring the downloaded version of geckodriver.

By default, this buildpack will download the latest release, which is provided by Mozilla.

You can control the specific version by setting the GECKODRIVER_VERSION variable to an explicit version e.g. 0.23.0.


If you're using heroku-buildpack-multi to include other buildpacks, you should set environment variable by your own to include following paths.