by BureauxLocaux

GitHub Readme.md

Heroku buildpack for git-lfs

This is a Heroku buildpack which installs Git LFS and downloads your Git LFS assets during deployment (which Heroku does not do by default).


To configure Git LFS for your Heroku app called <myapp>, run:

$ heroku buildpacks:add                                   \
    https://github.com/raxod502/heroku-buildpack-git-lfs  \
    -a <myapp>

Set the following environment variable for your app:

  • BL_BUILDPACK_GIT_LFS_REPO to the clone URL of the repository from which to download Git LFS assets. This should include any username, password, or personal access token which is necessary to clone noninteractively. See here for details on the syntax. It must be something like git@github.com:BureauxLocaux/my-repo
  • BL_BUILDPACK_GIT_LFS_SSH_PRIVATE_KEY: your private key encoded in base64 with base64 -w 0. You can use heroku config:set --app preprod-bureauxlocaux "BL_BUILDPACK_GIT_LFS_SSH_PRIVATE_KEY=$(cat ~/.ssh/heroku_deploy_lfs | base64 -w 0)" to set it.

After the next time you deploy your app, Git LFS assets will be downloaded and checked out automatically, and Git LFS will be available on PATH for your app.

Inspiration was taken from the original repo and a buildpack to use SSH keys. This repository allows you to rely on deploy SSH keys to pull LFS files instead of requiring tokens.