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Heroku buildpack for PredictionIO Eventserver


PredictionIO eventserver is an open source machine learning analytics layer for unifying events from multiple platforms. Refer to http://docs.prediction.io/start/ for further information.

How to run

git clone https://github.com/chanlee514/pio-heroku && cd pio-heroku/
heroku create <your-eventserver-name> --buildpack=https://github.com/chanlee514/pio-heroku
heroku buildpacks:add heroku/scala

Request a help ticket on Heroku for slug size increase (https://help.heroku.com/tickets). PredictionIO runs on Spark, and since Heroku currently doesn't have Spark support, we have to include it as part of our build.

Commit and push to Heroku.

git push heroku master

Your eventserver will be ready at https://your-eventserver-name.herokuapp.com.