by Chengsong

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Heroku Minecraft Buildpack

This is a Heroku Buildpack for running a Minecraft server in a dyno.

For an actual deployment example, please look into my deployment repository.

Env Variables


The Heroku filesystem is ephemeral, which means files written to the file system will be destroyed when the server is restarted.

You will have to set a DropBox auth token to synchronize your world information with:



You need to set a ngrok auth token to open secure tunnel to your minecrfat server:

$ heroku config:set NGROK_API_TOKEN="MY_NGROK_TOKEN"

You can customize ngrok by setting the NGROK_OPTS config variable. For example:

$ heroku config:set NGROK_OPTS="-subdomain=my-subdomain"


You can choose the Minecraft version by setting the MC_VERSION like so:

$ heroku config:set MC_VERSION="1.10.2"

You can also configure the server properties by creating a server.properties file in your project and adding it to Git. This is how you would set things like Creative mode and Hardcore difficulty. The various options available are described on the Minecraft Wiki.

You can add files such as banned-players.json, banned-ips.json, ops.json, whitelist.json to your Git repository and the Minecraft server will pick them up.