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Heroku Buildpack: Geo

Heroku Buildpack Geo is a Heroku buildpack that installs the Geo/GIS libraries GDAL, GEOS and PROJ

It can be used to get GeoDjango or RGeo running on Heroku.


This buildpack is designed to be used in combination with other buildpacks by using Heroku's multiple buildpack support.

Ensure that Heroku Buildpack Geo is the first buildpack on your list of buildpacks:

$ heroku buildpacks
=== Buildpack URLs
1. https://github.com/heroku/heroku-geo-buildpack.git
2. heroku/python

Default Versions

The buildpack will install the following version by default:

GDAL - 2.4.0
GEOS - 3.7.2
PROJ - 5.2.0

You can change the version of each library that will be installed by setting the GDAL_VERSION, GEOS_VERSION or PROJ_VERSION config variables.

Migrating from heroku/python GEOs support

If you were previously using the undocumented BUILD_WITH_GEO_LIBRARIES functionality of the official Heroku Python Buildpack here are instructions for changing to this buildpack:

  1. You have to completely remove the BUILD_WITH_GEO_LIBRARIES config variable like so - heroku config:unset BUILD_WITH_GEO_LIBRARIES
  2. You should consider flushing your applications build cache by following these instructions - https://help.heroku.com/18PI5RSY/how-do-i-clear-the-build-cache