by chrisanderton

GitHub Readme.md

Warning this is an experimental buildpack and is provided as-is without any promise of support.

Heroku Buildpack: SonarQube Scanner

This experimental Heroku buildpack vendors Sonar Scanner into the dyno. It is intended for use with Heroku CI or any other environment where vendoring sonar into the dyno is acceptable (i.e. dev, test).


This is intended to be transparent to your application. No service is started - Sonar Scanner will only execute when invoked. For example, in the test-setup script in your Heroku CI configuration in app.json.

You can specify a SONAR_VERSION in the environment to override the default version used.

For CI, this can be specified in the env section of your app.json or configured in your pipeline settings. This feature is experimental and subject to change.

For standard dyno usage it can be set in the configuration variables for your app.