by coinexus

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A buildpack to run mulitple processes within a dyno via runit.


Imagine you want to run nginx in your web dynos, binding to $PORT, and fronting unicorn. You want them to run individually as if they were specified directly in the Procfile (including output to the log stream) without worrying about daemonizing.


You'll probably use this in conjunction with multiple buildpacks.

For every process type (eg web) you want to run mulitple processes in, add an entry like this to your Procfile:

web: bin/runsvdir-dyno

Then, create a Procfile.web file (where web matches the process type in Procfile). It might look like this:

nginx: bin/nginx-runner -p $PORT ...
unicorn: bundle exec unicorn -c config/unicorn.rb ...

Now, when running a web dyno, both the nginx and unicorn processes will run under runit.

If any process specified in Procfile.web crashes, the entire dyno will be restarted.