by ctdean

GitHub Readme.md

heroku-openresty-buildpack - Get openresty (and Lua) running on Heroku

Most of the brains in this buildpack are shamelessly copied from Leafo's version, but it has some differences:

  • This buildpack uses openresty directly, rather than a buildpack that installs lua, and then using a template for your project

  • This builds Openresty and LuaRocks from source, so in some sense it's easier to update when there are new releases

Usage of the buildpack itself is pretty straighforward:

heroku buildpack:set https://github.com/geoffleyland/heroku-buildpack-openresty

Actually getting things to work takes a little longer - it's easier to use this project template.


  • It'd be nice to build LuaJIT from source (2.1 head?) too, rather than use the one in OpenResty
  • It'd be nice to version the things left in the cache so that old versions can be deleted when they're out of date