by dannygreg



This is a simple Heroku buildpack used to uploads JavaScript sourcemaps to Sentry, as described in the Sentry docs.


Several environment variables are needed:

  • SOURCEMAP_DIR: the folder (relative to the app root) where the sourcemaps can be found
  • SOURCEMAP_SENTRY_TOKEN: an authentication token for the Sentry API. You can get it on the API page. The token needs the project:write scope.
  • SOURCEMAP_SENTRY_PROJECT: the organization and project slugs for you Sentry project. If your project is avaiable at, then this variable should be myorg/myproect.
  • SOURCEMAP_URL_PREFIX: the prefix to prepend to each sourcemap. Can be a full URL ( or a tilde-based prefix (~/dist/js/, see the documentation for details). Make sure to include the final slash if it's needed.

Then add this buildpack to your app:

heroku buildpacks:add

And push a new relase.

The buildpack will use the current git commit number (environment variable $SOURCE_VERSION) as the Sentry release. Make sure to add that in your app as well!