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Breakfast Static Buildpack

Forked from the Phoenix Buildpack.


This buildpack is meant to be used with Breakfast. When deploying Rails apps to Heroku, static assets will need to be compiled. This buildpack sees to it that static assets are compiled and that a corresponding asset manifest is generated.

This buildpack takes care of

  • Installing Node
  • Building / Minifying Assets
  • Digesting Assets


# Create a Heroku instance for your project
heroku apps:create my_heroku_app

# Set and add the buildpacks for your Heroku app
heroku buildpacks:add https://github.com/devlocker/heroku-buildpack-breakfast

# Deploy
git push heroku master


Create a breakfast_static_buildpack.config file in your app's root dir if you want to override the defaults. The file's syntax is bash.

If you don't specify a config option, then the default option from the buildpack's breakfast_static_buildpack.config file will be used.

Here's a full config file with all available options:

# Clean out cache contents from previous deploys

# We can set the version of Node to use for the app here


  1. Do I need heroku-buildpack-nodejs with this?
  • No, this buildpack installs Node for you.