by Devoxin

GitHub is a wrapper for Lavalink which abstracts away most of the code necessary to use Lavalink to allow for easier integration into your bots, while still promising full API coverage and powerful tools to get the most out of it.


  • Regions
  • Multi-Node Support
  • Load Balancing (this includes region-based load balancing)
  • Equalizer

Getting Started

You may clone this repository and check out the docs. The docs are not hosted anywhere, or 100% complete at the time of writing. If you notice missing documentation, feel free to open an issue or let us know in the Discord server.

Additionally, there is an example cog. It should be noted that the example cog is oriented towards usage with rewrite and Lavalink v3.1+, although backwards compatibility may be possible, it's not encouraged nor is support guaranteed.

Optional Dependencies

aiodns - Speed up DNS resolving.

cchardet - A faster alternative to chardet.


Discord Server

Lavalink V3.1