by DigiPie




This buildpack executes a PostgreSQL script file on deployment to Heroku.

Example use-case

You are developing a NodeJS-PostgreSQL application on Github with automatic deployment to Herokuapp whenever there is a commit to the master branch. You would like your setup.sql file to be executed each time this deployment occurs in order to reset all data (re-create and re-populate tables) in the PostgreSQL database add-on attached to your Herokuapp project.

How to add this buildpack

  1. Open your app project's Settings page.
  2. Under the Buildpacks section, add this buildpack:
  3. Under the Config Vars section, set the following config variables:
  • DATABASE_URL : postgres://[username]:[password]@[host address]:[port]/[database name]
  • SETUP_SQL : [filename].sql


More info

The DATABASE_URL for your PostgreSQL database add-on can be accessed at the Settings > View Credentials... section of your add-on administration page. Find out more here.