by dsbowen

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This buildpack downloads and extracts the wkhtmltopdf binaries and works on cedar-14, heroku-16, and heroku-18 stacks.

Add the Buildpack

Just add the buildpack to your heroku app by executing:

heroku buildpacks:add https://github.com/simplefractal/heroku-buildpack-wkhtmltopdf.git

You can also force this buildpack to be the first Heroku process by using the --index option:

heroku buildpacks:add --index=1 https://github.com/simplefractal/heroku-buildpack-wkhtmltopdf.git


The binaries wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage will be available on /app/bin, you can just execute /app/bin/wkhtmltopdf ... from your app.

Why another wkhtmltopdf buildpack

  • None of the available buildpacks (made by the community - there's no official wkhtmltopdf buildpack by Heroku) uses wkhtmltopdf 12.4;
  • Almost all of the available buildpacks downloads wkhtmltopdf from gna.org, but the service is not active anymore and will probably stop serving these files;
  • Some of the buildpacks available set new environment vars instead of just leaving the binary in some location. It increases the boot time since new shell script files needed to be loaded (inside .profile.d/);
  • Most of the available buildpacks works only on cedar-14 and heroku-16 stack -- and heroku-18 is the newest dyno stack.

This buildpack addresses the following issues:

  • Uses wkhtmltopdf version 0.12.4
  • Downloads wkhtmltopdf binaries from wkhtmltopdf.org
  • Do not add new environment variables or shell scripts
  • Tested on cedar-14, heroku-16, and heroku-18 stack images

Sample app

Want to see this buildpack running? See websitetopdf.


Created by Simple Fractal with small modifications by Dillon Bowen