by dufl-com


ASP.NET Core Buildpack for Heroku

This is a Heroku buildpack for building ASP.NET Core apps using .NET CLI with either project.json or csproj project types.


Example usage:

$ heroku create --buildpack
$ git push heroku master

The buildpack will detect your app as ASP.NET Core if it has project.json or csproj. If the source code you want to build contains multiple deployable projects, you can use a .deployment or set a $PROJECT config var to control which one is built.

Side notes

  1. Your web project should use Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.CommandLine package in order to pass --server.urls to executable.
  2. You must have .deployment and Procfiles files in root of the solution

.deployment file

This one instructs which projects need to be deployed. For single executable use:

project = src/WebAPI

For multiple executables:

project = src/WebAPI
project = src/Worker

Procfile file

This file instructs Heroku how dynos mapped to executable files. Here is an example:

web: cd $HOME/heroku_output/WebAPI && dotnet ./WebAPI.dll --server.urls http://+:$PORT ${CORE_ENVIRONMENT}
worker: cd $HOME/heroku_output/Worker && dotnet ./Worker.dll