by elct9620

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[Deprecated] Heroku Buildpack - PHP with PhalconPHP

For phalcon user on heroku, easy deploy their phalcon app.


This project is not work on Heroku now, please try Phalcon's Docker image and use it with Heroku Docker solution.


Just using heroku create APP_NAME -b https://github.com/elct9620/heroku-buildpacks-php-with-phalcon to start your phalcon heroku app.

Specify your package source


Enable heroku user-env-compile addon. (This still is labs feature)


Using profile.d or heroku config command to setting PACKAGE_URL and you can use your special php pre-compile package.

(This feature sitll under test, it may not work correctly)



  • A litle Shell Script Knowledge


First, you may want modify ext/build.sh and setting up your PHP version and add some PHP extension.

  • heroku run bash to connect your heroku binary build app
  • curl https://raw.github.com/elct9620/heroku-buildpacks-php-with-phalcon/develop/ext/build.sh download the build script (or from your github )
  • chmod +x build.sh
  • ./build.sh run build script and wait
  • cd build/
  • tar -zcf package.tar.gz apache.tar.gz php.tar.gz libs.tar.gz package all necessary files
  • using "SCP" or other method to copy this package to remote server where your heroku app can access this package ( I using curl -k -T package.tar.gz http://myNAS-Webdav-Endpoint/ to download this file)


Since Heroku support docker, I plan migrate this buildpacks to docker version.

But Heroku didn't build slug, and cause the docker:release command spend a lot time to upload slug (about 49MB) so I will mantaince this project, and provide Dockerfile for contribute this project.

Now, the latest Dockerfile was added, and the buildpacks will update as soon as possible to use the latest build.