by envato

GitHub Readme.md

This is a fork of an existing builpack. This buildpack has been forked to ensure that we can have better understanding and control over what the buildpack accesses, and what operations it performs, specifically around accessing the environment directory. We decided to fork the buildpack rather than point at a specific sha to ensure that the buildpack is still available in the case of the target repository being removed.


This fork of the jontewks buildpack adds support for Chinese, Korean, and Japanese characters. Since it adds 22MBs for the font files, I've kept it as a separate build pack.

Installs dependencies needed in order to run puppeteer on heroku. Be sure to include { args: ['--no-sandbox'] } in your call to puppeteer.launch


To use the latest stable version from source code in this repository:

$ heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/CoffeeAndCode/puppeteer-heroku-buildpack.git


If you run into any issues with this buildpack, please open an issue on this repo and/or submit a PR that resolves it. Different versions of chrome have different dependencies and so some issues can creep in without me knowing. Thanks!