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GitHub Readme.md

Heroku buildpack: Python

This is a Heroku buildpack for Python apps with support for :

  1. NumPy
  2. SciPy
  3. scikit-learn


Example usage:

$ ls
Procfile  requirements.txt  web.py

$ heroku create --stack cedar --buildpack git://github.com/essentia-analytics/heroku-buildpack-python.git#numpy

$ git push heroku master

You can also add it to upcoming builds of an existing application:

$ heroku config:add BUILDPACK_URL=git://github.com/essentia-analytics/heroku-buildpack-python.git#numpy

The NumPy step is triggered if your requirements.txt file contains numpy, which installs a built distribution of numpy==1.7.1 and scipy==0.12.0.

It will use pip to install your dependencies, vendoring a copy of the Python runtime into your slug.