by fanhero

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Heroku buildpack with openCV and python support


This buildpack provides a self-contained environment for python applications that need: OpenCV or Numpy.


Thumbor works best when all of its engines use openCV built with TBB support. This is a custom build which implements openCV 3.0.1 over the standard 2.x buildpacks. TBB support is enabled to give remoteCV the most "power".


A complete environment was created using the Dockerfile file based on the heroku cedar stack v14.

This buildpack will download that environment and place it in your /app/.heroku folder. This includes the following:

  • Python-2.7.10
  • Opencv-3.0.1 (with python support)
  • Numpy-1.11.1

The buildpack is compiled with docker. To compile the build run the vendor.sh file chmod a+x vendor.sh ./vendor.sh

original Dockerfile forked from https://github.com/diogojc/heroku-buildpack-python-opencv-scipy