by gabegorelick


Heroku Buildpack for Fracas

A buildpack to deploy Fracas on Heroku.

How it works

An overview of what this buildpack does:

  • Uses the webservice to find the latest version of node that satisfies the engines.node semver range in your package.json.
  • Allows any recent version of node to be used, including pre-release versions.
  • Uses an S3 caching proxy of for faster downloads of the node binary.
  • Discourages use of dangerous semver ranges like * and >0.10.
  • Uses the version of npm that comes bundled with node.
  • Puts node and npm on the PATH so they can be executed with heroku run.
  • Caches the node_modules directory across builds for fast deploys.
  • Doesn't use the cache if node_modules is checked into version control.
  • Runs npm rebuild if node_modules is checked into version control.
  • Always runs npm install to ensure npm script hooks are executed.
  • Installs all dependencies, including devDependencies, so you don't have to check in build artifacts
  • Runs bower install
  • Always runs npm prune after restoring cached modules to ensure cleanup of unused dependencies.
  • Runs gulp build


TODO describe config variables that need to be set