by gorkunov

GitHub Readme.md

Warning this is an experimental buildpack and is provided as-is without any promise of support.

Heroku CI buildpack: Postgresql

This experimental Heroku buildpack vendors Postgresql into the dyno. It is intended for use with Heroku CI or any other environment where data retention is not important.

Please note that Postgresql will lose all data each time a dyno restarts.


This is intended to be transparent to your application. Connect to the database in the same way as you would for Heroku Postgresql by reading the value of the DATABASE_URL environment variable into your application.

By default, the buildpack provides the latest Postgres version that is generally available on Heroku. You can specify a POSTGRESQL_VERSION in the env section of your app.json to use a different major (e.g., "10" or "9.6") version. This feature is experimental and subject to change.

Releasing a new version

Make sure you publish this buildpack in the buildpack registry

heroku buildpacks:publish heroku/ci-postgresql master