by hammady

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Heroku Buildpack: SmartMigrate


For some reason I can't make heroku compiler dyno recognize the bundle or rake commands. As a workaround, this buildpack only displays a message asking user to run the migration himself, if changes are detected.

Simple Heroku buildpack to smartly run rake db:migrate whenever new migrations detected. This buildpack is intended to be part of a Multipack that has a preceding Ruby buildpack.


Many times, I forget to run rake db:migrate after I push to heroku, which results in a broken app. Some people out there will just create a script/rake task to automate this step after the push. This is sub-optimal because it will put the app in maintenance mode or leave it broken for some time until the migration is finished. Morever, the migrations will ALWAYS run which penalizes the app by longer down time. Some others have forked the official Ruby buildpack to just add the migrations at the end. That's also not so good, because they have to maintain their fork to get all updates from the original repo. Otherwise, their fork will be out-dated in a short time.

To bring it short SmartMigrate has 3 advantages over other solutions:

  1. No need for maintenance mode, no down time, migrate is part of deployment
  2. No need for out-dated ruby buildpack forks
  3. No need to always run migrations, they are only invoked if needed

SmartMigrate should be invoked after a Ruby buildpack in a Multipack app. It will automatically run migrations only if new files have been added since the last deployment.