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Buildpack for OCaml

This is custom buid pack to run OCaml apps on Heroku.

Available libraries

  • OCaml 4.00.1


Create Heroku app with custom buildpack:

$ heroku create --buildpack https://github.com/mzp/heroku-buildpack-ocaml
# or
$ heroku config:set BUILDPACK_URL=https://github.com/mzp/heroku-buildpack-ocaml

Create OCaml app and commit:

$ oasis quickstart
$ git commit -am "first commit"

Create Procfile and commit:

# e.g. ./target/bin/main is your server, and it receives port number as first argument
$ echo 'web: ./target/bin/main $PORT' > Procfile

Push to heroku:

$ git push heroku master

And setup web process num:

$ heroku ps:scale web=1

Deploy phase

Following commands is executed each deploy time:

# (if exists)
$ ./configure --prefix=./target
$ make
$ make install

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