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This buildpack sets up the necessary machinery to utilize Heroku's Language Metrics feature, which currently supports the JVM only.

How does it affect my slug?

This buildpack does two things.

  1. Copies a jar into the slug
  2. Copies a .profile.d/ script into your slug

The jar file, when $HEROKU_METRICS_URL is set as a result of the runtime-heroku-metrics labs flag, will be used as an agent to your Java process. This jar exposes metrics via a Prometheus server which an additional process, namely agentmon, will poll and forward to $HEROKU_METRICS_URL, for processing.

The .profile.d/ script downloads the latest agentmon release, and starts it on Dyno boot.


If you belong to the Heroku org, you can release a new version of the buildpack by running the following command:

$ git reset --hard origin/master
$ heroku buildkits:publish heroku/metrics

This will publish whatever is in the repo (including dirty changes), which is why we suggest running git reset first.


This buildpack uses Hatchet to run integration tests. To run them local make sure you have Ruby installed, then execute:

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rspec spec/