by hmdc

GitHub Readme.md


This is a Heroku buildpack for apache httpd that enables you to easily specify the version, compilation arguments and configuration files. The output of the compilation step is cached to speed up future deployments.

This buildpack only handles compiling and configuring Apache, so you may want to use this in conjunction with buildpack-multi.


  1. heroku buildpack:set https://github.com/lookfirst/heroku-buildpack-apache
  2. Create a top level .apache folder in your Heroku project
  3. Add a file called .apache.cfg to the .apache folder
  4. Specify a version: export APACHE_VERSION=2.4.12
  5. Customize apache compile configure arguments: export CONFIGURE_ARGS="--enable-foo" 1. Do not specify --prefix
  6. Put Apache configuration into the .apache/conf folder
  7. The contents of this folder are copied over the apache configuration folder in /app/apache/etc/apache2
  8. Anything with a suffix of .erb is processed through erb for environment variable replacement (<%= ENV["PORT"] %>)
  9. Push your project to heroku: git push heroku master