by Infinitycr4k3r

GitHub Readme.md

Welcome (I'm talking to myself) Note : appname = replace it with name of your app.


Fork this repo, add your rclone and winrar file in your repo, add the below buildpacks in your heroku app and then deploy your repo.



Open remote Heroku

cd appname
heroku run bash
# or
heroku run -a appname bash

Upload to Google Drive

rclone copy /app/(file or folder) remote:/(folder or leave it blank? Your Wish) -P -v --transfers=1(change it and you'll be able to download specified no. of files at a time) --drive-acknowledge-abuse

Upload from one Google Drive to another Google Drive

rclone copy -vv --disable copy drive1:/ drive2:/ -P -v --drive-chunk-size 64M --drive-acknowledge-abuse --transfers=1

view file on Google drive

rclone lsd gdrive_config:remote_drive_dir

view option:

lsd only show file in current directory

ls show file including in subdirectory (recursvely)

Download file using Aria2

Aria2 is command-line download accelerator

aria2c -x4 http://host/file.rar

-x4 mean download using 4 connection

To extract .rar file

to current directory

unrar e file.rar

with full path

unrar x file.rar