by Invictus9

GitHub Readme.md

Welcome (I'm talking to myself) Note : appname = replace it with name of your app.


Create new app

heroku create appname -b https://github.com/infinitycr4k3r/elseclone.git
heroku git:clone -a appname

Existing app, use: add|set

heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/infinitycr4k3r/elseclone.git -a appname

go to appname directory, create or copy rclone.conf and winrar registraton key .rarreg.key (optional) then commit the change

cd appname
git add .
git commit -am "add config"
git push heroku master

Get the rclone.conf and put it in the app folder appname.


Open remote Heroku

cd appname
heroku run bash
# or
heroku run --app appname bash

Upload to Google Drive

rclone copy /app/(file or folder) remote:/(folder or leave it blank? Your Wish) -P -v --transfers=1(change it and you'll be able to download specified no. of files at a time) --drive-acknowledge-abuse

Upload from one Google Drive to another Google Drive

rclone copy -vv --disable copy drive1:/ drive2:/ -P -v --drive-chunk-size 64M --drive-acknowledge-abuse --transfers=1

view file on Google drive

rclone lsd gdrive_config:remote_drive_dir

view option:

lsd only show file in current directory

ls show file including in subdirectory (recursvely)

Download file using Aria2

Aria2 is command-line download accelerator

aria2c -x4 http://host/file.rar

-x4 mean download using 4 connection

To extract .rar file

to current directory

unrar e file.rar

with full path

unrar x file.rar