by jbargu

GitHub Readme.md


This repository is a fork of heroku-buildpack-apt. It's a Heroku buildpack that is required by scinote-web (which uses mimetype script) to run properly on Heroku.

The buildpack installs the MimeInfo Perl library into the Heroku container.


The buildpack is very similar to the original, there are just couple of changes:

  • in detect, there is no checking for Aptfile (buildpack always succeeds),
  • in compile, required libraries that should be installed via apt-get are simply declared in a $packages variable, and additional environmental variables are declared towards the end of the file.


To add this buildpack to Heroku app, simply run the following command:

heroku buildpacks:add --index <index> https://github.com/biosistemika/heroku-buildpack-mimeinfo-perl.git -a <app>

Where <index> is a 1-based index where the buildpack should be added (e.g. if you already have 2 buildpacks for your app, this index would have value 3 to be appended to the end), and <app> is the name of your Heroku app.