by jcomo



Heroku buildpack for running NGINX in front of a static site.


  • Custom build script. Decide how to build your own site when deploying. No need to version build artifacts.
  • Optional password authentication. For protected sites, the option is available to protect all assets with basic auth using an htpasswd file. Great for staging or development sites!
  • Choose the version of NGINX. Just set the environment variable for a valid version.


This buildpack is commonly added on top of an existing Heroku buildpack. For example, if you have a site that needs to be built using npm, add this buildpack after the heroku/nodejs buildpack.

heroku buildpacks:add

On the next deploy NGINX will be built and deployed alongside your static site. By default the static root is set as www/data but can be configured.


Name Default Description NGINX_VERSION 1.11.3 The version of NGINX to build. To change, the cache must be purged first NGINX_ROOT www/data The directory serving the static site NGINX_FORCE_SSL false Forces requests to https if enabled NGINX_ALLOW_POST false Allows access to static content using the POST method (will result in 405 otherwise) NGINX_BUILD_SCRIPT bin/ The location of the script that will build the site NGINX_NOCACHE_FILETYPES (none) The file extensions to not put under cache control (useful for development servers) NGINX_HTPASSWD (none) The location of the htpasswd file to protect the site. Will be unprotected if not set NGINX_WORKERS 2 The number of NGINX workers (don't change without good reason)