by jskrzypek

GitHub Readme.md

Heroku buildpack with Python, OpenCV, Numpy and SciPy


This buildpack provides a self-contained environment for python applications that need: OpenCV, Numpy or Scipy.


  • Existing OpenCV buildpacks didin't work for me or python support simply wasn't there.
  • All sorts of issues with heroku python buildpack and OpenCV.
  • All sorts of issues with cedar stack default python and OpenCV.
  • Compiling things in a one-off dyno is slow.


A complete environment was created using a docker container running ubuntu 10.04.

This buildpack will download that environment and place it in your /app/.heroku folder. This includes the following:

  • Python-2.7.6
  • Pip-1.5.4
  • Setuptools-3.4.4
  • Opencv-2.4.9 (with python support)
  • Numpy-1.8.1
  • Scipy-0.13.3