by justforyou-br

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Heroku buildpack to make environment variables available in build time.

How to use it

Create a .env-export file at the repository root and list the variables you want to export (one per line):

$ cat .env-export

Add this buildpack to your app. Make sure this is the first buildpack in the buildpack list.

$ heroku buildpacks:add --index 1 --app my-app https://github.com/justforyou-br/env-buildpack

Done! Next time you deploy your code, the variables you specified in the .env-export file will be available in the compile phase.

Note: Although you can export (almost) any variable, avoid exporting any variable that could result in a side-effect during build phase.


We use heroku-buildpack-testrunner to test the project. The test command will clone the repository automatically and will run the tests:

# This will clone the heroku-buildpack-testrunner
$ make test


If you make changes to the buildpack that you think will benefit others, please send a Pull Request. Just make sure that the tests passed before opening it.


This work is licensed under MIT License.

Copyright (c) 2017 Loadsmart, Inc.