by kef95

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Mono buildpack for heroku, with the latest daily mono release.

what to use this for

C# console apps running on the latest mono version, which is built daily. Or: choose any version of mono (starting from 4.0.4*)

Note: If you're running on ASP, use Heroku's unofficial official buildpack instead: heroku/dotnet-buildpack.
You can still run webservers; self-hosting OWIN and NancyFx work perfectly. I recommend Nowin.

how to use this

  1. Put a solution in the root directory of your app
  2. Use nuget to get dependencies
  3. Run heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/adamburgess/heroku-buildpack-mono to set the buildpack
  4. Optionally configure the version of mono using a .mono file
  5. Add mono ProjectName.exe to your Procfile. Apps will be built into the root directory

more options

Create a .mono file to configure more options:

# put a tag name here that has a corresponding release to specify a version*
# omitting this will use the latest available mono version
# specify the build you want, either minimal (default) or full
# see below for explanation
# if this is set, the cache is not used/cleaned.
# the cache is used to 1) store mono builds and 2) store nuget packages

how your app is built

  1. The latest version of mono is downloaded from the Releases
  2. NuGet dependencies are restored
  3. The solution is compiled using mono's xbuild (msbuild)

how mono is built

  1. Someone pushes to mono/mono
  2. Mono's CI server, Jenkins, compiles and runs the test suite for mono.
  3. A scheduled task checks Jenkins daily to see if a new build has completed and passed all tests.
  4. If it has, it creates a new commit in adamburgess/heroku-buildpack-mono-builder which makes Circle CI start building Mono.
  5. Once completed, it then creates a commit, tag, and release here, which is fetched by Heroku on building your app.

full vs minimal builds

The builder creates two versions of mono:

  1. Full build. ~95mb slug size increase.
  • Includes everything, including libgdiplus, boehm, libraries (e.g. for use in mkbundle).
  1. Minimal build. ~30mb slug size increase.
  • Removes shared libraries, boehm, header includes, System.Windows.Forms
  • libgdiplus is included

For most, the minimal build will work fine, and it is the default. Enable the full build if you need its resources or are having problems.

* I want version [x] of Mono. How can I get it?

Create a pull request in adamburgess/heroku-buildpack-mono-builder changing the latest file to the tag or commit that you want, and I'll merge and see that it builds successfully.