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Heroku buildpack: Laravel


Forked official Heroku buildpack for PHP applications with added support for running Laravel artisan commands.


You'll need to use at least an empty composer.json in your application.

echo '{}' > composer.json
git add composer.json
git commit -m "add composer.json for PHP app detection"

If you also have files from other frameworks or languages that could trigger another buildpack to detect your application as one of its own, e.g. a package.json which might cause your code to be detected as a Node.js application even if it is a PHP application, then you need to manually set your application to use this buildpack:

heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/lifekent/heroku-buildpack-laravel.git

Please refer to Dev Center for further usage instructions.

To run post deploy commands set config variable

heroku config:set DEPLOY_ARTISAN_TASKS=migrate --force

Use "--force" parameter if you running production environment, so then laravel won't prompt you if you are really want to run migrations and won't interrupt the deploy.

Running multiple artisan commands, f.e:

heroku config:set DEPLOY_ARTISAN_TASKS=migrate --force && php artisan route:cache