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Heroku Buildpack: wkhtmltopdf

This is a Heroku buildpack for using wkhtmltopdf in your application.


$ heroku buildpacks:set heroku/python
$ heroku buildpacks:add --index 1 https://github.com/luzfcb/heroku-buildpack-wkhtmltopdf.git

Deploy your applicatio.

$ git push heroku master

Remember to clean your repository cache if you are updating the version of buildpack. To do that, run:

$ heroku plugins:install https://github.com/heroku/heroku-repo.git
$ heroku repo:purge_cache -a appname

You can verify that everything is properly installed by running the following command:

$ heroku run "wkhtmltopdf -V"

The output should be:

wkhtmltopdf 0.12.4 (with patched qt)


If you have problems, please create a Github Issue.


heroku-buildpack-wkhtmltopdf was originally written by Rafael Lima.

Working at Boleto Simples

Github: http://github.com/rafaelp

Twitter: http://twitter.com/rafaelp


heroku-buildpack-wkhtmltopdf is Copyright © 2014 Rafael Lima. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.