by madcat78

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Heroku buildpack: Erlang

This is another Heroku buildpack for Erlang apps. It uses Rebar or Rebar3.

Which build tool to use is automatically detected. Rebar is currently the default. If either rebar3 or rebar.lock are present, Rebar3 will be used.

Configure your Heroku App

$ heroku config:add BUILDPACK_URL="https://github.com/madcat78/heroku-buildpack-erlang.git" -a YOUR_APP


$ heroku create --stack heroku-18 --buildpack "https://github.com/madcat78/heroku-buildpack-erlang.git"

Select an Erlang version

The Erlang/OTP release version that will be used to build and run your application is now sourced from a dotfile called .preferred_otp_version. It needs to be the branch or tag name from the http://github.com/erlang/otp repository, and further, needs to be one of the versions that precompiled binaries are available for.

When you fail to specify the version, the version marked with a * will be used. this may vary per stack.

Currently supported OTP versions:


  • OTP-20.1 *


  • OTP-22.2.7 *

To select the version for your app:

$ echo OTP-22.2.7 > .preferred_otp_version
$ git commit -m "Select 22.2.7 as preferred OTP version" -a

Build your Heroku App

$ git push heroku master

You may need to write a new commit and push if your code was already up to date.

NOTE: You need to have either an ebin/ directory or rebar.config checked into Git in order for Heroku to identify this project as an Erlang app it can build.