by MartinNowak

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Heroku Buildpack: D

A heroku buildpack for the D programing language using dub to build applications.


Pablo De Napoli has written a boilerplate repo with a simple Deploy to Heroku button.


Example usage:

$ ls
dub.sdl source .d-compiler

$ heroku create --buildpack http://github.com/MartinNowak/heroku-buildpack-d.git

$ git push heroku master
-----> Heroku receiving push
-----> Fetching custom git buildpack... done
-----> D app detected
-----> Using dmd-2.078.0
-----> Building application with dub

Usage with Vibe.d

The buildpack will infer a default Procfile for you, that should be sufficient for many cases.

  web: ./your-app-name --port $PORT

Use readOption or std.getopt to bind your HTTP server to the port choosen by Heroku. Here is dub's vibe.d template (dub init myapp --type=vibe.d) modified accordingly.

import vibe.vibe;

void main()
    auto settings = new HTTPServerSettings;
    settings.port = 8080;
    // <!-- NEW NEW NEW
    // listen on external interface by default
    settings.bindAddresses = [""];
    // read port from command line
    readOption("port|p", &settings.port, "Sets the port used for serving HTTP.");
    // optionally read bind address from command line
    readOption("bind-address|bind", &settings.bindAddresses[0], "Sets the address used for serving HTTP.");
    // NEW NEW NEW -->

    auto listener = listenHTTP(settings, &hello);

void hello(HTTPServerRequest req, HTTPServerResponse res)
    res.writeBody("Hello, World!");

You can add a custom Procfile to your repo if you need more or different arguments.

web: ./your-app-name --port $PORT -v --my-arg

And finally see Deploy on Heroku - Dlang Tour for more details.

Selecting a D compiler

By default the latest dmd compiler is used. It is also possible to use gdc or ldc and to choose a specific compiler versions by adding a .d-compiler file to your project or by setting the DC environment variable in Heroku. Use dmd, ldc, or gdc to select the latest or dmd-2.068.2, ldc-0.16.0, or gdc-4.9.2 to select a specific version of a compiler.