by mietek

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This project is no longer maintained.

Haskell on Heroku

Haskell on Heroku is a Heroku buildpack for deploying Haskell apps.

The buildpack uses Halcyon to install apps and development tools, including GHC and Cabal.

Follow the Haskell on Heroku tutorial to get started.


Haskell on Heroku, like other Heroku buildpacks, can be used when creating a new Heroku app:

$ heroku create -b https://github.com/mietek/haskell-on-heroku

Push the code to Heroku in order to deploy your app:

$ git push heroku master



Haskell on Heroku is written in GNU bash, using the bashmenot library.


Made by Miëtek Bak. Published under the BSD license. Not affiliated with Heroku.