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Heroku buildpack: SQL Server

A Heroku Buildpack created to write a config/database.yml file suiteable for use with Rails, TinyTDS and the ActiveRecord SQL Server Adapter.

The database.yml file written accommodates oddities in requirements of the ActiveRecord SQL Server Adapter, for instance, decoding the username part of the URL, since SQL Server sometimes requires a username@server as the username.


Add the DATABASE_URI environment variable, not to be confused with the DATABASE_URL environment variable supported by Rails. Remove the DATABASE_URL environment variable. If your installation of SQL Server requires the server to be part of the username, eg username@server, encode the @ symbol in the username portion of the URL, eg: sqlserver://username%40server:password@server.database.windows.net:1433/database?encoding=uft-8&azure=true

This buildpack should be used in conjunction with heroku-buildpack-multi. This has only been tested alongside the Ruby buildpack.