by mojodna

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I am a Heroku buildpack that installs Cairo and its dependencies (Pango, Pixman, FreeType, HarfBuzz, and giflib) into a dyno slug.

When used with heroku-buildpack-multi, I enable subsequent buildpacks / steps to link to this library.



You'll almost certainly want to use this in conjunction with one or more additional buildpacks. Heroku supports using multiple buildpacks for an app.

heroku buildpacks:add --index 1 https://github.com/mojodna/heroku-buildpack-cairo.git


This uses Docker to build against Heroku stack-image-like images.


Artifacts will be dropped in dist/. See Dockerfiles for build options.

Cairo Configuration

cairo (version 1.14.6 [release]) will be compiled with:

The following surface backends:
  Image:         yes (always builtin)
  Recording:     yes (always builtin)
  Observer:      yes (always builtin)
  Mime:          yes (always builtin)
  Tee:           no (disabled, use --enable-tee to enable)
  XML:           no (disabled, use --enable-xml to enable)
  Skia:          no (disabled, use --enable-skia to enable)
  Xlib:          yes
  Xlib Xrender:  yes
  Qt:            no (disabled, use --enable-qt to enable)
  Quartz:        no (requires CoreGraphics framework)
  Quartz-image:  no (disabled, use --enable-quartz-image to enable)
  XCB:           yes
  Win32:         no (requires a Win32 platform)
  OS2:           no (disabled, use --enable-os2 to enable)
  CairoScript:   yes
  PostScript:    yes
  PDF:           yes
  SVG:           yes
  OpenGL:        no (disabled, use --enable-gl to enable)
  OpenGL ES 2.0: no (disabled, use --enable-glesv2 to enable)
  BeOS:          no (disabled, use --enable-beos to enable)
  DirectFB:      no (disabled, use --enable-directfb to enable)
  OpenVG:        no (disabled, use --enable-vg to enable)
  DRM:           no (disabled, use --enable-drm to enable)
  Cogl:          no (disabled, use --enable-cogl to enable)

The following font backends:
  User:          yes (always builtin)
  FreeType:      yes
  Fontconfig:    yes
  Win32:         no (requires a Win32 platform)
  Quartz:        no (requires CoreGraphics framework)

The following functions:
  PNG functions:   yes
  GLX functions:   no (not required by any backend)
  WGL functions:   no (not required by any backend)
  EGL functions:   no (not required by any backend)
  X11-xcb functions: no (disabled, use --enable-xlib-xcb to enable)
  XCB-shm functions: yes

The following features and utilities:
  cairo-trace:                yes
  cairo-script-interpreter:   yes

And the following internal features:
  pthread:       yes
  gtk-doc:       no
  gcov support:  no
  symbol-lookup: no (requires bfd)
  test surfaces: no (disabled, use --enable-test-surfaces to enable)
  ps testing:    no (requires libspectre)
  pdf testing:   no (requires poppler-glib >= 0.17.4)
  svg testing:   no (requires librsvg-2.0 >= 2.35.0)

Harfbuzz Configuration

Build configuration:

Unicode callbacks (you want at least one):
	Glib:			true
	ICU:			false
	UCDN:			true

Font callbacks (the more the better):
	FreeType:		true

Tools used for command-line utilities:
	Cairo:			true
	Fontconfig:		true

Additional shapers (the more the better):
	Graphite2:		false

Platform shapers (not normally needed):
	CoreText:		false
	Uniscribe:		false
	DirectWrite:		false

Other features:
	Documentation:		no
	GObject bindings:	false
	Introspection:		false