by mthenw

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Heroku buildpack: Vert.x

This repository is no longer actively maintained. I suggest using docker plugin for heroku.

This is a Heroku buildpack for Vert.x apps. Example application vertx-sample.

Currently it uses following versions:

  • JDK 1.8
  • Vert.x 2.1.5


This buildpack assumes that there are at least two files in repository:

  • mod.json - used to determine if this is vert.x project
  • server.js - by default file that will be launched (of course this can be overrided by Procfile)

Example usage:

$ ls
mod.json server.js

$ heroku create --buildpack https://github.com/mthenw/heroku-buildpack-vertx.git

$ git push heroku master

-----> Fetching custom git buildpack... done
-----> Vert.x app detected

-----> Installing OpenJDK7u2..... done
-----> Installing Vert.x..... done

-----> Launching... done

This buildpack is based on tomaslin/heroku-buildpack-vertx-jdk7.