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Heroku Buildpack Tesseract

This package provide a custom Heroku buildpack providing the Tesseract OCR binary and all the required libraries to Heroku apps. Training data for the following languages will be downloaded: English and Portuguese.

This package includes version 3.04.01 of Tesseract.

Obs: this buildpack is being used by the Siinco team in its main app.


The first step consists in allowing your Heroku app to use multiple buildpacks. Heroku natively supports multiple buildpacks per app.

  1. setup your app as

    heroku buildpacks:set heroku/LANG
    heroku buildpacks:add https://github.com/oswellchan/heroku-buildpack-tesseract

    where LANG is the language used by your app (e.g., ruby, python, or nodejs). A complete list of Heroku buildpacks can be found here.

  2. you can use the tesseract binary in your Heroku app!

  3. deploy :)


This fork adds Portuguese (por) as one of the target languages (which will result in training data for the Portuguese language to be downloaded during the compilation phase).


MIT License.

Original work Copyright (c) 2013 Marco Azimonti
Modified work Copyright (c) 2015 Matteo Maggioni
Modified work Copyright (c) 2017 Oswell Chan Modified work Copyright (c) 2018 Nexaas