by nearst

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Heroku PHP buildpack with IMAP and LDAP extension support

This is a Heroku buildpack for PHP applications.

It uses Composer for dependency management, supports PHP or HHVM (experimental) as runtimes, and offers a choice of Apache2 or Nginx web servers.

Instead of the default Heroku buildpack for PHP, this one also supports:

  • PHP IMAP extension (composer.json dependency: ext-imap)
  • PHP LDAP extension (composer.json dependency: ext-ldap)


You'll need to use at least an empty composer.json in your application.

heroku config:set BUILDPACK_URL=https://github.com/tschoffelen/heroku-buildpack-php
echo '{}' > composer.json
git add .
git commit -am "Add composer.json for PHP app detection"

Please refer to Heroku Dev Center for further usage instructions.

Refer to the readme of the original Heroku buildpack for information on build scripts and making changes.