by ojarva


Heroku buildpack for django-compressor

Django-compressor is a convenient static files processor for Django, bundling and compressing JS and CSS files from regular HTML tags, without need to define bundles separately.

This buildpack runs offline compression with python compress --force, if django-compressor exists in requirements.txt. No other configuration options are checked to determine whether compress should run.

Licensed under MIT license.

How to enable this buildpack?

Go to , select your application, settings, "Add buildpack". Enter to buildpack URL field.

Alternatively use Heroku CLI tool with heroku buildpacks:add

How to contribute?

Fork this repository in Github, create a new branch, make your changes and create a new PR.

This buildpack is only for django-compressor, and exclusive for Heroku. Please create a separate buildpack if you want to add support for any other plugins/addons/...